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PTTLink Admin admin at rt.pttlink.org
Thu Mar 11 15:23:29 UTC 2021

We’d like to follow up on our 27 February statement regarding the changes 
to AllStarLInk, Inc. and make some additional announcements.

Since the release of the statement, the AllStarLink, Inc. Board of 
Directors and members of the Board of Governors have been subjected to 
targeted harassment by former (now censured and dismissed) AllStarLink 
board members and their supporters to include:

* Unannounced banning of nodes from the allstarlink.org domain.  Such 
actions are unconscionable as they have directly impacted stations in use 
by Search and Rescue and other public service operations, potentially 
putting lives at risk.

* Targeted harassment by abusing public sign up links for systems.  Rob 
Vella, KK9ROB, a supporter and volunteer who was removed at the 14 
February meeting, has signed into communications systems in use by the 
AllStarLInk Board of Directors and Board of Governors, sending targeted 
harassing messages and threats.

* The unannounced banning of any and all nodes of users who are linked 
with PTTLink or members of the AllStarLInk, inc Board of Directors and 
Board of 

* The unsolicited calls by members of the former AllStarLink board to 
users  of AllStarLink and PTTLink making threats of banning and all nodes 
that  are connected to PTTLink or by members of the AllStarLInk Board of 
Directors and Board of Governors.

Under article III, section 6 of the AllStarLink bylaws, notice has been 
served to Pete Elke, Timothy Sawyer, Todd Lesser, David Shaw of their 
upcoming disciplinary action as well as the same for Rob Vella and Adam 

The AllStarLink, Inc Board of Directors hereby condemns the bullying, 
harassment, and continued fraudulent use and abuse of AllStarLink assets 
by the former members of the AllStarLInk board and volunteers. 
Additionally, the AllStarLink, Inc Board warns these individuals to 
refrain from continuing such actions and requests the help from the 
community in reporting any such actions they have been subjected to. 
Please send any information regarding these or similar actions you have 
been subjected to in an email to: helpdesk at pttlink.org

The AllStarLInk,Inc Board of Directors would like to restate that the 
actions of Pete Elke, Timothy Sawyer, Todd Lesser, David Shaw, and Kevin 
Custer as well as those of Rob Vella and Adam Paul are illegal as they 
have been formerly removed from their positions.  We would also like to 
remind these individuals that under no circumstances are they allowed to 
further conduct business for AllStarLInk, Inc nor are they authorized to 
conduct business or manage any assets belonging to AllStarLink, Inc.  The 
AllStarLInk Board hereby publicly demands the immediate cease and desist 
of these individuals and their supports and the immediate turnover of all 
AllStarLink property to include:

1. Access to all computer systems in use (Google Cloud, GSuite, AWS, etc) 
used to run the registration, email and other services on the 
allstarlink.org and other domains.

2. The immediate transfer of the AllStarLink account and domain names from 
the Registrar.)

3. The turnover of all physical and other tangible and intangible assets 
under their control which are the property of AllStarLink, Inc.

4. The immediate halting of any transactions or transfers of assets 
belonging to AllStarLink, Inc to a third party as this is an unauthorized 
illegal transaction.

If you or anyone you know has been subjected to harassment, threats, or 
unannounced bans from the allstarlink.org systems, please email 
helpdesk at pttlink.org.

Stacy Olivas,Chairman
Bryan Fields, Secretary
Jeremy Lincicome, Treasurer
AllStarLInk, Inc.

Copy to via email:
Pete Elke, WI6H
Timothy Sawyer, WD6AWP
Todd Lesser, KM6RPT
David Shaw, WB6WTM
Kevin Custer, W3KKC
Robert Vella, KK9ROB
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