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I have some supporting documentation here:
  http://bryanfields.net/FRC-info/FRC Issues.pdf

A proxy form is here if you need it:
http://bryanfields.net/FRC-info/Proxy Form.pdf

On 10/2/16 11:52 PM, DWFComm at aol.com wrote:
>     I'm pretty sure that I am not an FRC member, though not certain..as I
> have not had any form of  "Minutes of meetings" in ages -if ever.
The meetings are something I've not had a desire to be involved in, but it's
our only option at this point.
>     I had thought that the unusually slow processing speed was a "due
> diligence" effect , and a nuisance at best ..however I have heard of "Paper
> Repeaters" existing and even a story of certain frequencies/pairs being held
> from general use only to be _*"sold"*_ to some well healed or politically
> influential entities.
I've heard these stories as well and it was confirmed years ago in south
Florida.  I find sunlight to be the best disinfectant of such corruption.  
>     How any of the above -if true- equates  to the proper management of 
> frequency assets worries me , and throws the otherwise best  practices book
> into the Chipper.
>      If your efforts would include  an immediate  sweep for DEAD WOOD and
> Paper machines ...count me in.
I'm all for this, but we need to have an open database for this to work. 
There must be trust on both sides and a desire to solve problems.  A policy
development process has worked well in other organizations for this.
>      If it was truly the best the current FRC  could do, God bless them for
> the effort , but If stories of malice are true ..an intervention is clearly
> needed.
>       However , I can't help thinking that previous performance of the FRC
> and the attrition of  Hams capable of ginning up a repeater .,constitute a
> rapidly approaching drain.
Malice and incompetence are shockingly hard to differentiate.
>       In my travels over the last few years , I have heard a shocking ebb in
> repeater activity ,and even the once friendly  VHF Spx 146.52 is near
> desolate of  travel companions.
I'm 31 and have been working to stem the tide of this.  We have 5 newly
licensed hams in the local area via our club and 4 best in region repeaters
across 3 modes.  The HamWAN deployment is coming along well in Tampa Bay. 


Bryan Fields

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