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On 10/3/16 12:08 AM, rick.pemble at outlook.com wrote:
> Seems to me that there is a FRC meeting 3 times a year,  at the Tampa
> Hamfest,  the Orlando  Hamfest, and the Melbourne Hamfest (this weekend). 
> Minutes  are sent out to members via email.
They are not sent out to members.  This upcoming meeting it exactly what I'm
planning on attending. 
> The FRC site is at http://florida-repeaters.org/ - which used to have the
> entire database available for perusal and download – not sure what this
> current notice is all about.
The database was not there, just queries from it, as locked PDF files.  This
is not usable to determine what frequencies may be open, as the FRC does not
provide frequencies (per their website). 
> But the point is – I have been a Ham here since 1975 – I don’t know of any
> problem with the FRC – I notice those that do right now, are new guys with
> non-florida call signs.     I would be hesitant to throw in with a group of
> carpet baggers unless there was some real reason that it was necessary.   A
> few complaints and accusations is not enough for a coup.       The Amateur
> service has not completely degenerated into CB yet.   Although I can
> understand that the new guys don’t know of any difference on the air, I
> think if you are serious  - show up at the Melbourne hamfest FRC meeting and
> make your complaints known and addressed.
Please lets refrain from ad-hominem attacks.  I'm as much of a Floridian as
anyone here, and we're all in the same boat.
I will be at the members meeting prior to the meeting and invite others to be
> I don’t have a dog in this fight,  don’t have a repeater, don’t want one, 
> but, damn,  if I see one more ‘2’, or ‘KA’ call  screaming for revolution…..
> I would at least like to hear how YOU would run the coordination activity in
> any improved fashion first.
KA callsign?  My original call was KB-something. 
> (and saying you have been a ham since .. so and so, no-code era, doesn’t cut
> any fat off your arguments – best leave that one out).
This is a strawman argument and has not bearing on these problems. 


Bryan Fields

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