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Back in 2002, Dana was extremely helpful in getting my coordination completed.
Bryan, question. Why would you need a listing of unused pairs? It seems counter productive to starting a new repeater, as well as trying to find existing ones.
In my understanding and past experience, you request temporary coordination and based on your location and desired output power, they then assign you a frequency pair that won't interfere with existing repeaters in the output powers RF range. They then give you time to setup and test before providing full coordination.
Launching a repeater on an unused frequency pair, would potentially cause interference to those setting one up in the future, and would possibly result in a cease and deceit letter from the FCC when someone else receives coordination for that pair.
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Shawn Campbell
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I must say that I have tried several times to contact the 
council to see if I could fire my repeater back up on my 
old pair, and have heard nothing. I thought they were 
defunct until I saw this email come through.


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