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>receive or read.In my side I am in good terms with the 
>FRC, every time I have request help, they have responded 
>within a day and filled all my needs.
> Hector PadronAD4CRepeater trustee and owner of145.230 
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> Ken Wolfe, MSM, CEM
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> Greetings and welcome to the Florida Repeater Discussion 
> I am Bryan Fields, W9CR.  
> I’m involved in amateur radio in the Tampa Bay area, 
>with membership in four local clubs and chairman of the 
>Technical Committee for my local group.
> Professionally I am a Network Architect with a major 
>telecom company.  I’ve been a licensed amateur since 1995 
>(over 2/3 of my life), hold a GROL+Radar and have a 
>background in cellular/microwave networks.
>Fellow Amateurs, the FRC is an organization run amuck.  
>Incompetent directors are managing it, flouting the 
>bylaws, violating Florida Law, and ignoring member 
>needs.  I am asking for your proxy for the upcoming FRC 
> It has failed in its ability to coordinate operations of 
>amateur radio repeaters in the following ways:
> Remove the current directors for gross incompetency and 
>exposing the organization to liability:
> Ray Kassis, N4LEM
> Dana Rodakis, K4LK
> (Glenn) Mike Fletcher, NI4M
> Chuck Lavender, W4CLL
> Demand new elections for existing directors in 
>compliance with the bylaws.
> Establish a bylaw committee to rewrite the bylaws and 
>change the organization structure to better serve all 
>amateurs in Florida.
> Establish a development process for new policies from 
>the membership
> Encourage input from the membership based on sound 
>technical policies
> De-centralize coordination by having a web enabled 
>database be accessible to the public showing all history 
>of an application through coordination.
> No one person should be the gatekeeper of the database. 
> Make all records of the FRC open to the public, as any 
>non-profit serving the public interest must be.
> I will make a motion to accomplish this at the next 
>meeting at the Melbourne Hamfest meeting.   To make this 
>happen, I am asking for your proxy, if you’re a member of 
>the FRC.   You will need to print out this form and sign 
>it, then send
> a scan or legible picture of it to me via email or text 
>message. If you can attend the meeting, please do so.
> It’s $10 to become a member on the FRC website and it 
>buys the right to have a say in the future of amateur 
>radio in Florida.    
> http://florida-repeaters.org/donate.htm
> I fully expect to be shouted down by the board, but as 
>members we cannot be ignored.  I wish to resolve this via 
>the membership, but if ignored I do intend to comply the 
>board, by any legal means, to follow the bylaws and FS 
> I need your proxy by the Friday, October 7, 2016.  
> 73’s and see you at Melbourne,
> Bryan Fields, W9CR
> P.S. Please feel free to discuss this on list.  If you 
>wish to not be a part of this discussion you can remove 
>yourself using the link at the bottom.  I'm happy to 
>oblige your wishes via direct email as well if you have 
>any questions. 

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