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One more comment on this topic and then I'll quiesce...
Asking for "unused pairs" for almost any geo reflects a lack of understanding of frequency coordination. Quite likely, all wide band pairs are allocated somewhere in the state. In order to assign a frequency pair, the likelyhood of interference must be evaluated. 
That's why the application process asked for things like precise geographic locations, HAAT of the antenna, ERP, mode, etc. A "vacant pair" that might work without interference is located...
Abandoned frequencies are sometimes found. There are a lot of "paper repeaters" around with not working hardware, yet the owners renew.
And then there's the worse case scenario - owners of unused repeaters keep renewing. There seem to be a lot of privately owned repeaters in South Florida that are simply Ego Repeaters - no one every uses them, sometimes they're down for long periods but they get renewed. For examples, simply look at the callsigns for non-club repeaters and you'll see the same ones over and over. Listen to the repeaters and there is zero to little traffic. 
Want to help your coordinators? Report non-working frequencies, first to the licensee then to the FRC!
Mickey Baker, N4MB
Fort Lauderdale, FL
“Tell me, and I will listen. Show me, and I will understand. Involve me, and I will learn.” Teton Lakota, American Indian Saying.

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A couple of words of advice from an experienced IT engineer - who has had an IT management position in Florida in the public sector as well as worked at DoD:1. Anyone who doesn't want unpredictable emails on their corporate or government email server shouldn't subscribe to open lists. Get a free email account, like this one from Google and point all the groups to that email.2. Anyone hoping that what they write in an email could remain private should learn to use email encryption. I won't go into details, but... 3. Anyone sending a plain language email should anticipate that email being read by anyone anywhere.
That said, I've found the entire FRC to be a slow moving, difficult to deal with organization with antique web sites. Some of the directors are a bit gruff and condescending, but I find that a common trait among long term hams, particular trying to relate to the current crop of no-code licensees. I include myself, as I quickly lose patience with folks who don't know the basic things covered in the license material. 
I submitted a coordination request the day I got a message in May that the W4AB 2m repeater coordination had expired - May 7, 2016. It was approved over this weekend - almost 5 months to approve a registration for a repeater that has been in operation on that frequency at that site for 28 years.
W4AB is currently not in the directory they publish, but now that the "official" ARRL repeater directory is now RFinder, I can (and do) deal directly with them for directory issues.
My local director (Mark) has been very responsive, but he doesn't have direct access to add to or edit the database!
It is my understanding that coordinations are handled by Dana and he's the only one with database access. Something might be going on in his personal life that causes this delay, but it is the duty of people with responsibility to engage with others to ensure succession of the organization and the mission. This appears to be the point of failure in many organizations but is key to the survival of that organization.
All that said, here's the problem - if everyone on the board resigns or gets otherwise terminated, someone needs to have the time, talent and inclination to immediately recover data from wherever it is and create a new database and start up a complete new system, while doing all the things the current FRC are doing now... this will require cooperation with the current directors, particularly Dana.
Are we all ready for that? 
If so, let's go get this handed over. Exactly where and when is the meeting next weekend? 
Mickey N4MB

Mickey Baker, N4MB
Fort Lauderdale, FL
“Tell me, and I will listen. Show me, and I will understand. Involve me, and I will learn.” Teton Lakota, American Indian Saying.

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Gentlemen (and Ladies, if any) ,I don’t know where you got this e-mail from. I truly doubt you got itlegitimately from the FRC. Regardless,I have not asked to be included in this group or any discussions,You are e-mailing my work/Government e-mail account (so everything is open the Florida Sunshine Law),And finally, I have never had any troubles with the Florida Repeater Council. They have always acted quickly and fairly with any questions or registration I have had. Mr. Fields,I would ask that, in the future, you consider your actions a bit more before blindly e-mailing a large group of people with your grievances. -----=====-----=====-----Dave H. MessingerCommunications SpecialistPalm Beach County Network Support ServicesFCC Licenses: N4QPM, WQCA678 Please Note:  Due to Florida’s very broad records laws, most written communications to or from County employees regarding County business are public records, available to the public and media upon request.  Therefore, this written e-mail communication, including your e-mail address, may be subject to public disclosure. --- From: FRC-Info [mailto:frc-info-bounces at lists .keekles.org]On Behalf Of kg4ugk at kg4ugk.com
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Subject: Re: [FRC] Florida Repeater Council Information Back in 2002, Dana was extremely helpful in getting my coordination completed. Bryan, question. Why would you need a listing of unused pairs? It seems counter productive to starting a new repeater, as well as trying to find existing ones. In my understanding and past experience, you request temporary coordination and based on your location and desired output power, they then assign you a frequency pair that won't interfere with existing repeaters in the output powers RF range. They then give you time to setup and test before providing full coordination. Launching a repeater on an unused frequency pair, would potentially cause interference to those setting one up in the future, and would possibly result in a cease and deceit letter from the FCC when someone else receives coordination for that pair. Best regards,Shawn CampbellKG4UGK -----Original Message-----
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I must say that I have tried several times to contact the 
council to see if I could fire my repeater back up on my 
old pair, and have heard nothing. I thought they were 
defunct until I saw this email come through.


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>any questions. 
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