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On 10/3/16 1:26 PM, Steve Zingman wrote:
> How are they not allowing all to communicate?

I'd asked the FRC for a members list before informally and was rebuffed.  I
asked again formally under FS 617 and was ignored (this is a legal requirement).

You can see my formal request here:

I got the FRC database from reddit, and it had the email addresses of everyone
who was coordinated or applied to be in it.  I used that as the basis of this
list.  I wish I had a better option, but I've been unsubscribing anyone who's
asked ASAP.  It's not my intent to annoy anyone.

I think the members need to communicate directly more than 3 times per year at
a members meeting.  There a many who can be valuable contributors but not
necessarily make the meetings.  An email list has worked well for many other
groups, why not repeater owners and those interested in coordination in Florida?

Bryan Fields

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