[FRC] Updated Proxy Form/Membership

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I think you will see the FRC meeting are ran much differently than you think.  It is not a place where members make motions and the group votes.  Members may make suggestions and the board votes.

I for one do not want typical Hams making technical decisions especially those that have not built repeaters.  Being a club member on a repeater board is a joke.

If you wish to get involved in FRC's working I'd suggest you run for your district director.  For me I'd stay with the one I have.  He has responded and taken care of my repeater business well.  I am in district 4 that does handle Tampa Bay.

73, ron, n9ee/r a know code Extra

Ron Wright, N9EE/R
Micro Computer Concepts
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On 10/3/16 11:39 AM, mccrpt at tampabay.rr.com<mailto:mccrpt at tampabay.rr.com> wrote:
> I am not sure what vote you will be able to do.  Members of FRC can vote for
> the directors, but the directors vote on the bylaws and policies of FRC, not
> the members.

There is a members meeting prior to the board meeting.  I plan to vote on
items during this meeting.  The meetings are governed by Roberts Rules and I'm
familiar with parliamentary procedure.

> I am not sure if you are familiar with the FRC and its organization.

I am, and we need to have some changes in how it's run.  It's not a board
beholden to itself, but rather a members organization run for the benefit of
all amateurs in the state of Florida.

Bryan Fields

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