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David Krauss nx4y at verizon.net
Tue Oct 4 23:46:01 EDT 2016

I think we can all mostly agree the automatic subscription to the list may not have been the best idea and I've expressed this to Bryan myself. Nonetheless, me being either brave or stupid, have decided to publicly support his views, for the most part. 

Ron, i don't know where you got the idea Bryan doesn't know anything about repeaters. He does know about repeaters,  a lot.  He has several on the air now, and has had several in other states. I've seen him do some conversions on equipment i would never have thought possible , and I've been running repeaters well over 30 years, just like you if i'm not mistaken. Remember K5FOG? WA4IBM? W4CF?  I was WD4KEZ back then in 1980 when i built my first repeater. 

anyway, I'm rambling. there are many that have not posted publicly here that also agree. The silent majority, i believe.  Sooo.  instead of arguing about it, can we use this forum as a rational discussion on these issues? 

Here's my 2 cents 

1. The FRC model of board members continually voting themselves back in has to stop. term limits are needed.  

2.  District directors should be up for renewal every 2 years, but could still be appointed , by a term limited board. Most agree we have some good folks working as directors in many areas. 

3.  The database must be rebuilt using a modern, query-able database by a competent programmer. MySql is probably the best option. 

4.  the web site must be updated from its apparent 1990's base to a modern interface that allows a request to be posted to the database and the appropriate people notified. Using SQL spatial queries against the coordinates along with other entered data could even allow for instant potential pairs to be output to the users. 

There are no technical reasons these couldn't be implemented pretty readily, and a revision of the by laws could handle the administrative side. 

I don't think these are radical ideas at all. but ones needed to bring the current stagnation to an end. 

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