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Mr. Campbell
You have written exactly  what was (and still) is needed.
Thank You,
Best regards  Gerald  Lichterman  KE4ISY  
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  On Mon, Oct 10, 2016 at 5:46 PM, kg4ugk<kg4ugk at kg4ugk.com> wrote:   Wow.
Take a breath.
This conversation and this list has gotten so far off topic. Constant blame game and now resulting to clever elementary word games and childish name calling.
Seriously. Stop. Go outside, look at the sun set. Peek at your antenna array. Think about the hobby in its most fundamental principles. It's a means of communication and one that US as hams don't take for granted. We have fought for our rights to operate the frequencies and band plans allotted to us by the ARRL, and by our license class, regardless if we are a no code tech or a know code extra.
I'm a young ham. Not just in age but years on the air. It was the politicalness of clubs that kept me radio silent for many years.. and even today keeps me fearful of using others repeaters and radio systems.
It's the duty as an elmer or one who's been on air for longer durations to coach and lead the younger ones into the right ways of ham/radio etiquette.
We all carry ourselves a certain way when broadcasting on air, as we are governed by the FCC and choose our words wisely. All I'm asking is that we conduct ourselves in the same civilized manner we would on air.
While we may not all agree with Brian's methods or tactics.. I actually took the time to have a voice call with him and hear his side, as well as have an articulated conversation on some of the practices of the FRC and some other governing bodies.
Stop. Take another breath. 
And another one.
Hacking/Cracking/Unsecured/Breached/Test what ever you want to call it.. according to the ARRL the FRC is the responsible party for coordination in the state of Florida. According to ARRL the FRCs website is http://florida-repeaters.org and according to their site, the information was never publicly released and was obtained by other means.
As I am on the fence about being contacted against the FRC, I have been intrigued by this email list, it's put me in contact with some people whom I probably wouldn't have had other means of reaching. The 20 emails from the same person asking to be removed was more of an annoyance than the list itself.
The fact that others are choosing to mirror this private information just disturbs me further.
So again.. no matter your views/opinions/skill set/job title, can we please conduct ourselves like the concerning ham operators we once thrived to be?
Before responding. Please, take a moment, think, and then respond.
Best regards,Shawn CampbellKG4UGK

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Just telling the truth

On 10/8/2016 4:22 PM, hernandeznilo wrote:
> Thanks John...
> 73
> W4HN
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