[FRC] FYI... Florida Repeater Council Information

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At the end of the day, NO repeater coordination body anywhere in any State or Nation has any 
Federal or State Legislative authority to coordinate anything - HELLO !!! It's a voluntary organization
that some allegedly make a living off. Try and get their financials. Good Luck!
Anyone can start a repeater coordination body. HELLO!

The FRC is like a bunch of volunteer referees arguing over non existent authority.

As to the ARRL, it's a business people. 


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On 10/10/16 5:46 PM, kg4ugk wrote:> > We all carry ourselves a certain way when broadcasting on air, as we are > governed by the FCC and choose our words wisely. All I'm asking is that we > conduct ourselves in the same civilized manner we would on air.I always encourage people to voice their viewpoint, in person, on air, or inemail.  I also say the great thing about radio is if you don't want to listento some one talk, change the channel.  I've had to do this a few times overthe years.> While we may not all agree with Brian's methods or tactics.. I actually> took the time to have a voice call with him and hear his side, as well as> have an articulated conversation on some of the practices of the FRC and> some other governing bodies.Shawn, I appreciated your call and conversation.As I said, I was not left with many options from the FRC leadership to contactthe members via other means.  If anyone wants off this list, you can do or askme.  I know we had some people with forwarded addresses and I needed headersto reconcile those.  I've removed most within hours of asking.> Hacking/Cracking/Unsecured/Breached/Test what ever you want to call it..> according to the ARRL the FRC is the responsible party for coordination in> the state of Florida. According to ARRL the FRCs website is> http://florida-repeaters.org and according to their site, the information> was never publicly released and was obtained by other means.This contradicts the information I've been given regarding how it wasobtained.  I've been told it was on a public website.  I believe Mr. Fletcheris trying to deflect blame onto others.> As I am on the fence about being contacted against the FRC, I have been> intrigued by this email list, it's put me in contact with some people whom> I probably wouldn't have had other means of reaching. The 20 emails from> the same person asking to be removed was more of an annoyance than the list> itself.It's my hope the signal to noise ratio improves over time, and that seams tobe the case.> The fact that others are choosing to mirror this private information just> disturbs me further.Others are mirroring it and providing access to the listings now that the FRCwebsite has removed them.Further all FRC members have had a right to this information FS617.What information is really private here?I can say my email address and phone number is on every FCC application andlicense I've worked with professionally, why should amateur radio be specialin this regard?  Keeping things secret has enabled the situation we have now.If you want to keep your repeater a secret, it's best to not give theinformation out in the first place, IMO.See you in Melbourne,-- Bryan Fields727-409-1194 - Voicehttp://bryanfields.net_______________________________________________FRC-Info mailing listFRC-Info at lists.keekles.orghttp://lists.keekles.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/frc-info

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