[FRC] Double Emails

vernon ferris vhferris at comcast.net
Wed Oct 12 18:15:23 EDT 2016

I am too.  This is getting to be a problem.  I have a guy I  know who is a ham also and he sends out facebook shares like they are going out of style.  I am thinking of getting out of Linkedin and facebook as a security measure.  Got that tidbit from Kim Komando news letter.


It was a shock to hear from Larry that he sold his business and retired now I don’t have an electrician I trust.



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Hey Vern. I'm getting hundreds of emails from FRC. I deleted 300 today. I tried to unsubscribe but haven't been successful. I have the repeater listed in Middleburg so I am on the mailing list. I'm trying to get off it. It's been a real pain. 

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