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Bryan Fields bryan at flscg.org
Fri Apr 1 17:48:10 EDT 2016

Did anyone get the black one?  I'm unable to find it and don't recall giving
it away yet, or in my notes.


On 2/14/16 11:32 AM, Bryan Fields wrote:
> As we work to get 224.280 online at the new site, I've got a bit of a
> promotion offer for the group.
> *If you make a $160 or greater donation to FSG, you'll get a 220 band
> Motorola HT1250. 
> *These have been professionally modified for wideband FM by changing the IF
> filters and further modified to 255 Channels (16 per Zone).
> Each will program with the standard window software, and have been checked
> out on my test equipment.  I've upgraded the firmware to the newest as well.
> While I could sell them for double on eBay
> <http://www.ebay.com/itm/MOTOROLA-HT1250LS-217-225MHz-250-channels-VHF-5W-RADIO-will-do-1-25m-Ham-220-/121603728491?hash=item1c5025a46b:g:AtQAAOSweW5VELgI>,
> I've donated these to FSG and they are to be used for our members to spur
> some activity on the repeaters. 
> I doubt most on eBay are modified
> <http://gallery.keekles.org/d/30580-5/1031151149.jpg> with the filters
> changed for wideband.
> The HT1250 is a rugged commercial grade HT and includes features not seen on
> most ham grade radios. 
>   * True bi-level squelch, with no setting needed
>   * PL and DCS reverse burst, meaning the radio will transmit a shutoff code
>     before unkeying, eliminating squelch tail.
>   * 1/5 W transmitter, with no measurable harmonics.  I measured one at the
>     ARRL Lab booth, where most boafeng HT were failing, this HT was one of
>     the cleanest they saw!
>   * Great FM audio
>   * LOUD! receive audio
>   * 24 Hour Clock
>   * 5/12.5/20 KHz steps
>   * DTMF keypad
>   * MDC/tone signaling support
>   * Personalized serial number, the radio serial number will be your
>     callsign and have a label identifying it to you on the back.
>   * Multiple colors, Black, Cammo, Clear,  Yellow, Green, Blue, Red
>       o If a color has been taken, I'll let you know what's left, or we can
>         get the color you want case off eBay for about 14 dollars.
> This is for the radio and antenna only. You'll need to supply a battery,
> charger, and optionally, a programing cable.  The Li-Ion batteries
> <http://www.ebay.com/itm/2000mAh-Li-Ion-HNN9013B-Battery-for-MOTOROLA-GP328-GP338-HT750-HT1250-PRO7350-/321267037321?hash=item4acd01f489:g:FDsAAOSwZ1lWg0g%7E>
> are about $19 from ebay, and the cables
> <http://www.ebay.com/itm/Motorola-GP328-GP338-HT1250-HT750-GP329-PTX760-GP380-PRO5150-Programming-Cable-/252216275027?hash=item3ab942f053:g:v-MAAOSwo3pWcpBF>
> are under $10.
> The programing software is up here.
> <http://wiki.w9cr.net/index.php/Waris#Software>
> These are programed with the local Tampa bay repeaters and should be good to go.
> We have 5 available, once they are gone, we may not get more.  There is
> simply not a better quality 220 HT on the market.
> 73's
> -- 
> Bryan Fields, W9CR
> Florida Simulcast Group, Inc.
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