[FSG-public] Update (with Video)

Bryan Fields bryan at flscg.org
Mon Apr 11 00:22:08 EDT 2016

Matt and I spent most of today over at the site doing some final cleanup and
attempting to diagnose the 900 MHz repeater noise issue.

The bad news is the 927.050 repeater input (902.050) has pulsing frequency
hopping signal on the input that was not present before.  There is nothing we
can do at this point.  We did add a preamplifier, but this introduced some
desense into the system.  A spectrum analyzer was used and we cannot seem to
find a clear channel, even 902.0125 was noisy.  We're going to add a
preselector and see if that works.

We had to do some maintenance to the business band repeater antennas, and got
the return loss down from -10dB to -18dB.

The 220 and 440 repeaters are working well at this point, however there is
risk that a DMR user may be coordinated by the FRC on 443.5125.

The FRC refuses to provide us with any information regarding this and the
section 4 director (Mike Felcher, NI4M) said they will continue to operate in
violation of their stated policies.  I was told by Mr. Felcher at the TARCfest
this past Saturday, "I wrote the bylaws and policy, don't you quote them to
me".  "Is your non-compliance with FRC policy malice or incompetence?  It's
one or the other, and frankly hard to tell." was my retort.

If/when this becomes an issue we can deal with it.

I would add this is the same organization that routinely takes one year or
more to coordinate a 900 MHz repeater.

We added a 8k BTU AC unit in the shelter and believe it will do a decent job
of keeping it cool in the room.  The only other environmental issue is the gap
above the old AC unit which needs to be be sealed, as it's open to the
elements and allowing air/water into the shelter.

The fiber connectivity is still pending, and the ethernet is run up to the
roof ready for access points.

We removed all the tools and spare parts from up there.  We'd like to get a
tool chest and some basic hand tools to keep on site for the future.  Matt has
a service monitor and I'll make up some test cables so we don't have to lug
that up every time.  I have a Dell D820 for programing and test we can put in
to program the radios too.

We made a bit of a video showing the setup as of today.

Bryan Fields, W9CR
Florida Simulcast Group, Inc.

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