[FSG-public] Network management

Bryan Fields bryan at flscg.org
Sun Aug 7 05:58:56 EDT 2016

We have a serial terminal server for remote management of the quantar
repeaters at Tampa on, but it had locked up apparently, as serial
servers are bound to do. (does anyone make a serial server that doesn't suck?)

I was going to reset it using the UPS SNMPWEBCARD on .2, but it's locked up on
telnet and web as well.  There is no way to reset it except to physically
remove it and re-insert it in the slot.

Apparently we're not the only ones having issues:

So for now it's down, but it's a minor issue.

I'd like to get the following setup:

* Radius for login management to the NE's
* Syslog from the NE's which support it
* Some sort of reporting on the health of the wireless gear (cacti?)
* Alerting if any thing goes off line
* IPv6 DHCP with PD working
* management of the client nodes in the proper Vlan (now they just grab
another IP in the same subnet)
* check everything and enable some ACL filtering on the switch. Right now it's
pretty open to the world.
* Various cleanup of configs

If anyone has input I'd love to hear it (or better yet wants to do it!)

Bryan Fields, W9CR
Florida Simulcast Group, Inc.

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