[FSG-public] Radio Wireless computer equipment hack

Kris O'Connell compuman81 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 26 12:32:53 EDT 2016

Yep. Interesting article, someone's finally talking about it. It's not
entirely their fault. Adding encryption means formatting the data in a
structured manner and ciphering it before it's transmitted, which adds
latency. Lots of it. While it may not be much of an issue for a
keyboard, it's certainly not acceptable for someone gaming or someone
that needs a fast responding non-laggy mouse. I've always preferred
wired myself, best of both speed and security ( except for the radar
based sniffing solutions, but that requires your device to be physically
compromised first ).

thanks for sharing.


On 7/26/16 12:25 PM, xloner12 wrote:
> Hey Everyone,
> Thought this was pretty interesting in the radio space. Pretty cool
> stuff with software defined radio.
> https://www.wired.com/2016/07/radio-hack-steals-keystrokes-millions-wireless-keyboards/
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> Tyler
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