[FSG-public] 220 MHz CDM1550

Ray Baker vzn05ylg at verizon.net
Thu Sep 8 08:10:05 EDT 2016

Sold - put my name on one of them...  jack up the price a little and make it a fundraiser.
Ray Baker
vzn05ylg at verizon.net

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I've come on a bit of an opportunity here with a good price on      some 220 MHz Motorola        CDM1550's for sale.   They can be converted to the ham band      and I'm willing to take care of this on the hardware/software side      of things.
These are really great mobile/base for the 220 band, much better      in RF performance than any of the Chinese models on the market.       They do require a simple programing cable and some software, but      it's rather easy to use.  The rest of the mod opens them up for      216-225 MHz, 255 channels, and 35W out. you get MDC, emergency      response and QCII signaling as well.  They come with a      microphone.  
These were made for the NJ turnpike authority and have a GPS in      them.  I've never seen this option before, so I made a video of      it:
I'm gauging interest with this, if you want one let me know, they      will be $100 per radio with local pickup.  I'll have them      programed with all the Tampa Bay 220 repeaters in them.
Bryan Fields, W9CR
Florida Simulcast Group, Inc.
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