[FSG-public] Tampa Ac unit

Matthew Bush matthew_bush1 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 10 03:21:34 EST 2019

I and TampaBud may be able to help on Saturday after the Tarcfest, on whenever we get one to install.

      From: Bryan Fields <bryan at flscg.org>
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 Sent: Wednesday, January 9, 2019 2:34 PM
 Subject: [FSG-public] Tampa Ac unit
Ac unit has seized up in Tampa per Erron.  He unplugged it and it's about 90f
in the room now.

We need to get a replacement in there ASAP.  The installed unit was 8000 BTU
and it ran 24x7 keeping it cool in there.  I've been looking and we may want
to size up to a replacement, and there is 208v right by the unit if we want to
do that.

Our limiting factor is the 24x24 inch opening in the wall.

Bryan Fields, W9CR
Florida Simulcast Group, Inc.
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