[FSG-public] Tampa DMR

Ryan Owens ryan at kj4shl.com
Tue Jul 2 21:03:02 EST 2019

DMR is now online at the Tampa Site as of July 1. We have it testing on 443.425 MHz +5 please note this is a temporary frequency and could change at anytime. This is the first wide area DMR repeater in the area! Please programing it into your radios and give us a shout over on the WCF Local 2 talk group.

Big thanks to Matt, KA9RIX for the temporary use of the frequency and antenna system!

For programing and talk group info please visit kj4shl.com <http://kj4shl.com/dmr/tampa-bay-repeater/> or motodmr.net. <http://motodmr.net/>
For access to a real-time log of activity visit the netwatch <http://motodmr.net/> or dashboard  <http://dmrx.net/dashboard/dmrx-dashboard-MotoTRBO.html>pages.


Ryan, KJ4SHL
kj4shl.com <http://kj4shl.com/>
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