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It has been my recent experience with FRC that is one applies for a specific pair they respond quickly.  I have also found if you just as for a pair they set on it, hi.

If I need a pair I go to the FRC's data base and start with freqs and search for one that will meet the FRC's guide lines, 85 mile separation to start.  When I find one I apply for it directly to the FRC.  Seems most of the work is finding a pair not in use.  A pair not being in the data base does not mean the pair is available for the list is not kept up to date.

73, ron, n9ee/r a know code Extra

Ron Wright, N9EE/R
Micro Computer Concepts
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I must say that I have tried several times to contact the
council to see if I could fire my repeater back up on my
old pair, and have heard nothing.  I thought they were
defunct until I saw this email come through.


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