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Stephen Smith w9gpi at me.com
Mon Oct 3 10:06:04 EDT 2016

I have been involved in three new repeater coordinations in the past year and a half. FRC’s Mike Gonzalez N2FSU has been very responsive and helpful. All three units are now up and running in 70 cm band and formal Coordination Requests were submitted on the web site as the units were activated.

Only disappointment is that I’ve received no “formal” acknowledgement from FRC of the Coordination. Am working on the theory that “no news is good news” and the fact that we’ve received no interference complaints. Nor have we been interfered with by any other repeaters.



"Overnight Success… is a long, slow, process."

Stephen Smith W9GPI
ARES EC in Lee County, FL
ARES is known as A.L.E.R.T. in Lee County
w9gpi at me.com

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