[FRC] Florida Repeater Council Information

Pete Rimmel N8PR n8pr at bellsouth.net
Mon Oct 3 15:24:46 EDT 2016

Holy Crap !

If people get this irate about a few eMails, no wonder they get irate at the FRC !

The FRC has been difficult to work with, at times, and other times it has been just what I would expect from a bunch of volunteers who are trying their best to serve the repeater community. 

Give them a break, and let’s not continue here...  Come to Melbourne and voice your problems and support there at the FRC forum.
73,  PeteR  N8PR

PS:  YA DON”T NEED TO SHOUT IN YOUR EMAILS – this is not life or death or even Field Day !

I did not ask to be on the discussion group nor did I appreciate the emails.
I do agree that the things might need to be improved with the FRC however
i DO NOT wish to recieve any more emails. Please REMOVE me from this 
disscussion group and please DO NOT .. I repeat DO NOT SEND ANY MORE 
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