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Holy Crap ! If people get this irate about a few eMails, no wonder they get irate at the FRC ! The FRC has been difficult to work with, at times, and other times it has been just what I would expect from a bunch of volunteers who are trying their best to serve the repeater community.  Give them a break, and let’s not continue here...  Come to Melbourne and voice your problems and support there at the FRC forum.73,  PeteR  N8PR PS:  YA DON”T NEED TO SHOUT IN YOUR EMAILS – this is not life or death or even Field Day ! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I did not ask to be on the discussion group nor did I appreciate the emails.I do agree that the things might need to be improved with the FRC howeveri DO NOT wish to recieve any more emails. Please REMOVE me from this disscussion group and please DO NOT .. I repeat DO NOT SEND ANY MORE EMAILS REGARDING THIS.
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