[FRC] Mysql

Jon Pearl - W4ABC jonpearl at tampabay.rr.com
Fri Oct 7 23:30:13 EDT 2016

Hi Byron,

Fantastic work!

I've got Mysql loaded in my shack computer to manage my logbook and 
you're right... a relational database beats the heck out of hunting and 
picking through a static .pdf file, any day.  There are a lot of old 
entries in this file that could be culled but as you say, if this 
database was the product of real-time information, it would speed up the 
search process for amateurs hunting pairs.


Jon Pearl - W4ABC


On 10/7/2016 7:11 PM, Byron Felts wrote:
> I threw up a site at http://tools.byronservers.com/sites/, which 
> queries the same mysql database dump from the recent Reddit posting 
> (the latter of which isn't my handywork, I'm just a fan of mysql thanks).
> It's not displaying the contact info, coordination status or lat/long 
> coordinates of sites, but does have breakdowns by band type, output 
> freq, callsign, district/city/county names. I've found it more useful 
> than the assortment of stale PDF files from the actual (or is it 
> former now?) FRC site.  I wish it was reporting off live data, oh well.

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