[FRC] FYI... Florida Repeater Council Information

Bryan Fields Bryan at bryanfields.net
Sat Oct 8 11:52:36 EDT 2016

On 10/8/16 11:43 AM, Frank Echanique wrote:
> I have nothing personal against Nilo, but as far as south florida hams not
> fighting against the frc, I tried man, I really did, but they have an
> incredible way of doing nothing that's incredibly frustrating...

Did anyone ever reach out to the other hams in the state and organize against
them?  If illegal things were going on, did anyone join and sue the board
member doing these illegal things?

> I don't know if the FRC is salvageable, it's been barely functional in any
> capacity for quite some time now

We have to try.  Send me your proxy or attend the meeting and vote with me.
It's either that, sue them, or start a new body.

I think it would do much more good to hit the reset button on the FRC, redraw
bylaws, and make it into an organization which works, fairly to all amateurs.

Bryan Fields

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