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The Motorola Quantar look like they will be a solid repeaters.


On Wed, Jul 15, 2015 at 9:00 PM, Bryan Fields <bryan at flscg.org> wrote:

> On 7/15/15 8:35 PM, Jerry DeLong wrote:
> > Bryan,
> >
> > Are the business repeaters UHF also?
> >
> > What are the models?
> They are all Motorola Quantar units.  They support analog FM wide band and
> narrow band, P25 (and Astro too).  Importantly they include a 4 mhz wide
> preselector, and the transmitter has a built in ferrite
> isolator/circulator.
> This is very important as I'm sure an antenna terminated into a wattmeter
> will
> show at least a couple watts or more just based on all the other crud in
> that
> area.
> Everything is part 90 certified so in the event we need to swap parts to
> get
> something fixed we can.  It's not just some spare parts we hacked up, they
> are
> continuous duty public safety units that were $15k each when new.
> The antennas will be DB-408 for the commercial users, and DB-420 for ham.
> These are 6dBd gain and 9dBd respectively. The DB antennas are DC ground
> and
> basically function as lightning rods protecting the electronics.
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