[FSG-public] Outage on hamwan tonight

Bryan Fields bryan at flscg.org
Tue Sep 6 13:36:42 EDT 2016

On 9/6/16 7:00 AM, Joseph Perez wrote:
> Service provider being 16724? What bug? With the nexi?

I can't really speculate what it is on there end.  I know a shut/no shut fixes
it and gets us routing again.  They are working with their vendor for a RCA
and we will be monitoring closer now, as we expect it may happen once again
unless they are able to resolve it.

The good thing is it's not our gear, it's all been stable.

Hows your ticket coming along?  Better get it soon, you'll need something to
keep you occupied on you honeymoon :)

Bryan Fields, W9CR
Florida Simulcast Group, Inc.

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