[FSG-public] 220 MHz CDM1550

Bryan Fields bryan at flscg.org
Thu Sep 8 01:29:18 EDT 2016

On 9/8/16 1:03 AM, Bill Williams wrote:
> Do you need advance money for the radio?

I'll contact you offlist about it.

> The County Center is three blocks East of your hamwan transmitter, 27deg
> 56'54.01"N, 81deg 27'16.95"W.  If you look at the picture on your website
> labeled "Byron K4SIP and DB-404 antenna" the roof of the County Center is the
> bronze building in front of Byron.

Are you sure 27 56' 54.01"N, 81 27' 16.95"W are the correct coordinates?  This
is in the middle of the state by lake wales.

If it's 3 blocks away I'm sure we can hit it.

> The new EOC is at 27deg 58' 03.31"N and 82deg 20'44.89"W.

This is 7.1 Miles and should give a -60 dBm signal off of our AP.

> I plan on recommending this to the board at a third site, the Tampa Amateur
> Radio Club clubhouse. It's at 28deg01'05.80N and 82deg26'03.08W.  This might
> be the best place to do a demo/check.  We continuously have trouble with our
> internet access there.  We have a 100 ft tower in the back and a 40 ft in the
> front.

I've suggested this before but after being attacked on the list for offering I
gave up.  We'd be happy to get you setup with a client node. That's the idea
of HamWAN, everyone can use it how they want to for their own projects.  Lu's
got a great project for it, and apparently Fios is not stable there :)

> I would love to go but can't justify spending that much to attend a few forums
> that I might be interested in and understand.

$100 for a conference is a good price, but I do understand.  I'm there for the
one on one conversation.  Presenting is fun, but I need to finish my slides!


Bryan Fields, W9CR
Florida Simulcast Group, Inc.

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