[FSG-public] 220 MHz CDM1550

Bill Williams ag4qx at arrl.net
Thu Sep 8 01:03:39 EDT 2016

Do you need advance money for the radio?

The County Center is three blocks East of your hamwan transmitter, 27deg
56'54.01"N, 81deg 27'16.95"W.  If you look at the picture on your website
labeled "Byron K4SIP and DB-404 antenna" the roof of the County Center is
the bronze building in front of Byron.

The new EOC is at 27deg 58' 03.31"N and 82deg 20'44.89"W.

I plan on recommending this to the board at a third site, the Tampa Amateur
Radio Club clubhouse. It's at 28deg01'05.80N and 82deg26'03.08W.  This
might be the best place to do a demo/check.  We continuously have trouble
with our internet access there.  We have a 100 ft tower in the back and a
40 ft in the front.

I would love to go but can't justify spending that much to attend a few
forums that I might be interested in and understand.


On Thu, Sep 8, 2016 at 12:27 AM, Bryan Fields <bryan at flscg.org> wrote:

> On 9/8/16 12:04 AM, Bill Williams wrote:
> > If you do this I will buy one.
> Ok, I'll put you down for one.  Please note this is me personally doing
> this,
> not an FSG sponsored thing.
> > What would be my cost to be able to program the radio myself later when
> the
> > repeaters change?  I assume a cable and software.
> You'll need a cable and a windows XP or 7 machine with a serial port.  Some
> serial adapters will work, others will not, just get a real serial port
> and be
> done with it.
> http://www.ebay.com/itm/260875360714
> This cable will program both the CDM and the HT's in the Waris series.
> Software is easy to install, it's not like the Maratrac radios :)
> > On a completely different subject ...  How does one borrow your demo
> radio
> > setup for the Hamwan?  I am looking at it for both the repeater and
> packet
> > station on County Center and the RACES radio room at the new Hillsborough
> > County EOC.
> FSG has a few setups, I'd probably like to help you out with this, and show
> you the ropes of it.  It's not the easiest thing to work with if you've
> never
> seen it before.
> We'd need to have at least a piece of braided/shielded cat 5 installed from
> the roof and grounded to the area you want to interconnect the system to.
> What are the coordinates of both locations or addresses and how high will
> be
> be?  I can run a path profile from the site to you.
> > On a third completely different subject ...  Are you or someone else in
> your
> > FSGP organization interested in marketing at the Tampa Bay Hamfest?  I
> can
> > give you a booth, a standard 10 ft x 10 ft with two 8 ft tables.  Also I
> have
> > time available in my forum schedule so if you want to do one that can be
> > done.  Let me know what you are thinking.
> Awesome, we may be.  I'll talk with some of the others involved here (or
> they
> can speak up here!).  I know we're trying to get a banner together for
> hamwan
> at DCC.
> Will you be at DCC next weekend?
> 73's
> --
> Bryan Fields, W9CR
> Florida Simulcast Group, Inc.
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