[FSG-public] Annual meeting Feb 25, 2017

Lu Romero (portable) lromero56 at tampabay.rr.com
Wed Jan 11 22:05:07 EST 2017

I'm supposed to be presenting at this conference, so I will be there.  I
don't know if I can be at both. Where is the FSG meeting?, I would like to


I think it is a TERRIFIC idea to demo not only HamWAN, but DMR as well. 


I should have a DynaDish by then.  If I feel lazy and have not installed it
yet, I would be happy to bring it for this purpose.  Just let me know.




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On 1/9/17 6:22 PM, Bill Williams wrote:


> It makes no difference to me but just FYI the WCF Tech Conference is 

> the same day.  

> http://arrlwcf.org/wcf-special-events/wcftechconference/


Darrell's not said anything to me about this yet, I didn't know they were
having it again this year.  The guys in Sarasota probably want to be aware
of it.


Lets hold off on the 25th now, I'll ping Darrell about it.



> We are ready to schedule a demo day at the Hillsborough County EOC.  

> Let me know when is good for you.


I don't have a spare client radio anymore, we need to order a few more.  I
think Ryan has one we can test with for the time being.




Bryan Fields, W9CR

Florida Simulcast Group, Inc.


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