[FSG-public] 5.9 GHz is open for commercial users

Bryan Fields bryan at flscg.org
Sat Mar 28 02:48:13 UTC 2020

On 3/27/20 6:22 PM, Tom Schaefer wrote:
> I must be missing something. The letter states the STA does not authorize operation within 75 km of MacDill or Anclote. 

No, what are you missing?  This is an attack on the only non-ISM portion of
our 5 ghz band.  This has been an ongoing wet dream of WISPs and the wireless
providers for some time.  Even in the filing they refer to it as U-NII-4!
Mimosa networks had a firmware update out within 4 hours of this being
authorized.  (you may recall Mimosa is run by a former ham using his former
status as credibility with the commission.)  There's nothing in here limiting
interference to other licensed users other than Part 90.

This is the camel's nose under the tent, once they have these bands, they will
not give them back.  WISP's have a track record of non-compliance with the
part 15 rules, and named providers in this STA have been cited by the FCC
before.  Understand WISP's combine an ignorance of RF and ignorance of
networking into a profit driven enterprise.  These are not entities compatible
with sharing our spectrum.

As Machiavelli said, "Never waste the opportunity offered by a good crisis."

Bryan Fields, W9CR
Florida Simulcast Group, Inc.

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