[FSG-public] Tampa Update and a new repeater announcement

Bryan Fields bryan at flscg.org
Sun Feb 28 21:26:10 UTC 2021

We've made a bunch of progress on the Tampa site, we have a new DB-420 antenna
which is going to be installed as a master receive antenna, new DB-413 and a
spare 413 installed just a bit below that.  Installing antennas outside is an
all day event, where we must have good weather to do so.  At ground level it
may be ok, but at 500' up, it may be too windy to work.  Combine this the
limited number of days we can coordinate everyone together to work, and it
does limit the amount of time we have to get it done.

Time being the limiting factor, we've fixed things as they break, but many
things needed to be re-engineered at this site.  We've most of the hardest
work complete and will be rebuilding the rest of it soon.

I've been working on a bunch of combiner systems to allow our repeaters to
work there, and expect this to be ready in the near future.   The backup
hamwan link is provisioned and ready to be turned up, and a new link radio is

There's some big things planned for DMR at this site too :)

Also there's now a GMRS repeater on 462.575 with a 141.3 tone which is online
from Tampa.  It's open to anyone with a GMRS license to use.

Bryan Fields, W9CR
Florida Simulcast Group, Inc.

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