[FRC] FYI... Florida Repeater Council Information

Bryan Fields Bryan at bryanfields.net
Wed Oct 5 09:04:03 EDT 2016

On 10/5/16 8:04 AM, William Stillwell wrote:
> Its super simple to make a web based system that a user can enter their
> coordinate, height, antenna gain, rf output @ antenna, have the system check
> for an empty pair, then be put in pending until its on the air and the
> coordinator for the region can verify operation, once done, he can approve the
> coordination… it should take nor more then 5 days … the system should also
> send out an email in 10  and 11 months and remind them to mark its still on
> the air.

It's not super simple, but certainly do-able.  I do know I'm not the coder to
do it, but I know people who could.

Right now we coordinate on height vs. separation distance.  This is easy to
script.  I do this when given pairs by the commercial frequency coordinator,
as I have the fcc database loaded.

> The district coordinator should also be activity checking to make sure all
> repeater pairs in his region are active, that is his JOB as coordinator.

An interface like repeaterbook.com has would be cool.  You can see what's out
there on google earth, and then up and down vote if a repeater is actually
online.   Getting enough down votes would spin off a request for the
coordinator to verify it.  Be a cool idea.

> As for how these email addresses were obtained? Most likely a member of the
> FRC gave it to Bryan, so before everyone throws stones at him, I think you
> should be throwing stones at those in the FRC that don’t want this list to be
> in existence.

My database was obtained from an SQL data dump posted on reddit.

I've contacted the 'frcdump' user to ask where it came from and have been
assured it was obtained from a public source.  As it's a database it cannot be
copyrighted and is free to distribute.

> I welcome this list, we should have a “Florida Repeater Owners” email list
> that we call can use to talk to each other and help each other out, because we
> sure as hell don’t get help from the FRC when we need it.

I'm all for this.  I've found lack of communication can be a much larger
problem than any interference.  It's amateur radio, If I can resolve a problem
by working with others, moving frequencies or retuning a duplexer I'm all for it.

Other members groups have solved the issues of inaction or a policy which
needs to change by way of a policy development committee.  This is a group any
member can approach with a written policy idea and they will assist with
fleshing it out and proposing how best to implement it.  This proposal is
announced to the group on a mailing list and interested parties can debate it
and add to it online.  Once complete it's submitted for vote at the next
meeting.  If approved it becomes part of policy/bylaws.

Bryan Fields

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