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Bryan Fields Bryan at bryanfields.net
Sat Oct 8 10:57:20 EDT 2016

Gentleman, Let's refrain from ad-hominem attacks.  Secondly, this incident was
15+ years ago, no?  I'm not saying it did or did not happen, but bickering
about it will not move us forward with today's problems.

I think there is a quite a bit of common ground here between Nilo and Frank
regarding the current dysfunction of the FRC.  Can we agree to let the past be
the past and work on the future?

On 10/8/16 9:56 AM, Nilo Hernandez wrote:
> 1. Because they admitted a Ham from D2 to run against rules; 2. Because they
> ran an election in an odd year against the rules; and 3. Anyways, another
> Latin or Cuban won the election and because he was Latin, the election was
> nullified. These are the real reasons, but if you have other stories... come
> up with it.  Because they don't follow the Rules themselves. They don't know
> them or plainly they run a dictatorship. The discrimination and illegal
> activities from those bad Directors destroyed the largest and most productive
> District. 

If the board is refusing to follow the rules of the FRC, they open themselves
up to personal liability.  As a member or the FRC you would have standing to
sue them in court and get a judgement for specific performance.

A non-profit cannot engage in discrimination, and it's a serious problem if it
does.  I can really see the benefit of having a diverse group of amateurs on
the board and as directors.  Certainly having a few Spanish speakers in a
district where Spanish is 50% of the populations 1st language would be a good
thing, no?

> But, Hams in Dade do not care to act or fight....

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do
nothing.”  Apathy is a problem.

Remind yourself, the FRC is not the directors.  It's _OUR_ organization!  We
can reform it by consensus of the members at a meeting, or other legal means.

> A group was formed and we were ready to form a new Coordinating body, but some
> in the group didn't want to work much. Time and efforts are needed to get it
> done. We bought the program and were ready to start, but as I wrote
> before....????? This Miami-Dade County should had started their own
> Coordinating body long ago, and spread around the State. I am not interested
> in being a Director, but I am willing to help in forming one that will clear
> all of the flaws of the FRC.

We can reset the FRC and call for a constitutional convention if we wanted.  I
think there is much wrong with the current bylaws and we need to reform them.
Term limits would go a long way to prevent this, along with delegating much
less to the board.

I've certainly thought about it, but I'm going to reform the FRC, or at least
try.  I'm a member and quite disappointed in how it's run from a members

Nilo, Frank, would you be willing to work to reform the FRC with us?

Bryan Fields

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