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James is saying that he has some juniper equipment for the DC that the
fiber will land on, and that WOW would be providing the DIA.

We will need the equipment thats with him and his input on the setup so I
don't think it will be able to get done this weekend.

He should be back next week.


On Thu, May 12, 2016 at 9:35 AM, Bryan Fields <bryan at flscg.org> wrote:

> On 5/9/16 12:53 PM, xloner12 wrote:
> > The 2851 would be a good pick. I had an old 2800 that I used as my lab
> router
> > for a couple years. Now Jerry has it as his main router. At least we
> would
> > know our way around it.
> Erron was asking me where we're going to land the fiber on 7.  I was
> thinking
> it may be best to land it on the DC switch 10g interface so we can do
> multiple
> vlans up there if need be.
> Will you need a 10g single mode optic?
> I believe we've located a ex4200 which will do all the layer 3 we need.
> We'll need a /31 from the DC router to IP the PtP interface on the 4200
> and a
> static route pointing the /23 from 44net to the switch.  We'll need the /23
> announced, and I believe Jerry has the LoA/CFA in hand for it.
> If we can pull this together I can probably get the 4200 installed this
> weekend.
> > I have no problem helping with the web site. Did you have a idea what you
> > wanted done with it?
> It's wordpress now, not married to the idea.  Just need someone to take
> pictures and put them up there, add some info on the repeaters and the data
> stuff we're into.  I'm not good with webdesign and I am to busy to deal
> with it.
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